Suffered A Loss? Here's Your Green Card Replacement Guide


In an instant, your world may seem to crumble. A small rectangular card, your green card, vanishes. The feeling of loss sends chills down your spine. However, everything will be fine because you can replace your green card by working with a local immigration attorney. Here's how the process works:

Don't Panic

First, take a deep breath. A lost green card may evoke panic, but you're not alone. The next crucial step lies in promptly contacting an immigration attorney. They will become your guide and your confidant throughout this process.

Find a Reliable Immigration Attorney

Trustworthy immigration attorneys are your lifeboat. Use online resources, consult reviews, and seek referrals. Look for a professional with deep knowledge and a solid track record. Once you have found an ideal candidate, explain your situation to them clearly.

Initial Paperwork is Crucial

Upon initial consultation, your attorney will help you compile the necessary paperwork. You will need to fill out Form I-90, a document requesting the replacement of your green card. Correctly complete each section and review it with your attorney to ensure everything is clear.

Gather Supporting Documents

Together with your attorney, identify the necessary supporting documents. These typically include a photocopy of your lost green card, identification proof, and passport-sized photographs. Providing these documents correctly and promptly can expedite the replacement process.

Submission and Biometrics Appointment

Once Form I-90 and supporting documents are ready, your attorney will help you submit them. Following this, you will receive a biometrics appointment notice. Here, your fingerprints, photograph, and signature will be captured for identity verification.

Replacement Green Card Arrival

Now it is time to wait on the government to replace your green card. Typically, a replacement green card arrives within a few months. However, delays can happen due to various reasons. While waiting, maintain regular contact with your immigration attorney for updates.

After the Arrival

Upon the arrival of your replacement green card, review it immediately. Check for any discrepancies in personal information. If you find any errors, contact your attorney right away. They will assist you in correcting the inaccuracies.

Finally, now you can breathe a sigh of relief because the replacement green card is in your hands. Keep your green card safe. While it might feel like it at the time, losing a green card isn't the end of the world. With the right help, replacing it becomes a manageable task. Trust in the expertise of immigration attorneys, follow their advice, and you'll be back on solid ground in no time. 

For more info about green card replacement services, contact a local company. 


23 May 2023

Immigration Without Your Spouse

Many people immigrate to another country in order to work or attend school, and they must leave their spouses behind. My name is Roberta, and I believe that many people do not understand their rights involving having spouses in the country with them and bringing spouses into the country permanently. In this blog, I will discuss the laws and regulations involved in immigrating without your spouse and then having that spouse join you at a later time. I will suggest ways to find an immigration attorney to help you with your case, and I will provide other resources where you can get information and advice.