Vital Reasons To Hire An Experienced Green Card Attorney For Your Case


As a newcomer to this country, you may be unsure about what laws you must follow and what the terms are for your stay. You want to avoid running afoul of immigration authorities and possibly being deported. 

However, you might lack the skills or time to research and interpret immigration laws as they pertain to your particular situation. Instead, you can hire an experienced green card attorney to represent you.

Applying for a Green Card

If you are here as an undocumented resident, you may want to apply for a green card that will let you stay here legally. However, you also may not know how to submit the application or present it in the best way to the immigration court.

Your green card attorney will know how to file the case and submit the right paperwork to the court. They can argue why you should be granted a green card and what assets you can bring to an employer if the court decides to let you remain in the country.

Renewing Your Green Card

You may also need to hire a green card attorney if you need to renew your visa. The laws that were in place when you first arrived in the country might have changed dramatically. You may not even be sure of what those changes are or how they apply to you individually.

Your green card attorney can find out what laws apply to your case and then assist you in renewing your green card. You may be granted an extension that lets you remain in the country legally for several more years. You avoid the risk of allowing your card to expire and facing deportation.

Changing Your Visa Status

Finally, if you want to change the status of your visa, you may want to hire a green card attorney to help you. You may have entered the country as a student, for example, but now want to gain a visa that will let you obtain employment. You can hire a green card attorney to help you apply for an employment visa that may let you apply for and accept a job legally.

A green card attorney can provide numerous legal services to immigrants like you. You can retain one if you are in the country undocumented and want to obtain a first-time green card. You can also retain this kind of lawyer to renew or change your visa status.


16 December 2022

Immigration Without Your Spouse

Many people immigrate to another country in order to work or attend school, and they must leave their spouses behind. My name is Roberta, and I believe that many people do not understand their rights involving having spouses in the country with them and bringing spouses into the country permanently. In this blog, I will discuss the laws and regulations involved in immigrating without your spouse and then having that spouse join you at a later time. I will suggest ways to find an immigration attorney to help you with your case, and I will provide other resources where you can get information and advice.