Immigration Attorneys: When Do You Need One?


Navigating through immigration can be a daunting task. It's not a process that you would want to go through alone. The amount of paperwork involved in each process can be challenging for any citizen, let alone an immigrant. As a potential immigrant, a lack of knowledge about what is required of you during the immigration process can become a barrier in obtaining access to your country of destination. Securing the services of an immigration attorney can help you understand what you require and what to do in case you fall short of the requirement.

When applying for a visa or a green card, you don't need to have a lawyer. If you have no criminal record and the reasons behind your travel are clear, you can quickly proceed to obtain your visa or green card. Here's a look at some of the scenarios where you will need the services of an immigration attorney:

Multiple Options

Entry into a foreign country can be obtained through several visa options. For instance, in the United States, a skilled worker looking for work in a foreign country can qualify for different visas ranging from a temporary trainee visa to an intracompany transfer visa.

Hiring an attorney can help you review your choices and advise which visa application is faster and more suitable for your case.

Court Proceedings

If your immigration process leads you to any court proceeding, you need to act fast and hire an immigration lawyer. If your case has an appeal or is not yet done, your immigration status is rendered under the court's power, and you will need an attorney to advise on the best-case scenario.

An attorney will also advise you on how the outcome of the court affects your application.

Inadmissible Status

If your application is rendered inadmissible by the potential country of travel, it means the application has been rejected due to your financial or criminal record. If this applies to you, it is advisable to get legal counsel before commencing the application process.


Most government offices are full of bureaucracy which affects the process of immigration. You might file all your paperwork on time, but the approval process ends up taking a considerable amount of time.

An attorney would be better positioned to know who to contact to inquire on the reason behind the delay and help you fast-track the process.


To prove your eligibility for immigration, you will be required to fill out forms and gather specific documentation. This can be challenging to some. An immigration lawyer is quite versed in the application process and can help you make the application instantly.


While seeking out the services of an immigration attorney, ensure that they have adequate experience and knowledge in handling immigration applications. Inquire from sources close to you on some of the reputable lawyers around you.

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3 May 2021

Immigration Without Your Spouse

Many people immigrate to another country in order to work or attend school, and they must leave their spouses behind. My name is Roberta, and I believe that many people do not understand their rights involving having spouses in the country with them and bringing spouses into the country permanently. In this blog, I will discuss the laws and regulations involved in immigrating without your spouse and then having that spouse join you at a later time. I will suggest ways to find an immigration attorney to help you with your case, and I will provide other resources where you can get information and advice.