An Immigration Lawyer Could Help Your Migrant Workers Stay On Your Farm


As a farm owner, you understand how important migrant laborers are for your financial needs. Unfortunately, new immigration laws could impact your business in severe ways. That's why it is important to talk to an immigration lawyer right away.

Attempts To Limit Migrant Workers Continue

As the American government attempts to curtail legal and illegal immigration, they have been paying special attention to migrant workers. The idea behind these laws is to open up these jobs to American workers and to eliminate the flow of immigration to the country across the Mexican border. The exact nature of the control measures have yet to be set in stone.

As a result, many farmers in the southwest are in a potentially scary situation. They rely on migrant workers to do the kind of work that most Americans in the area aren't willing to do. If you are in this situation, there is a good chance you could suffer financially.

The Impact This Could Have On Your Business

Even though most farmers use fully legal migrants, there have been several attempts to cut down on this type of immigration. The economic impact has varied but has usually resulted in hurting the farming community. This conversation is more complex than usual, though, as this tougher restrictions have caused a decrease in both illegal immigration and legal immigration.

As a result, you might find that you simply can't get migrant workers to cross the border to work for you, even if everything is legally appropriate. This scenario may be what the government is hoping to achieve, but it is one that will leave you in a very difficult financial situation. 

Legal Help Is Necessary In This Tough Situation

If your legal migrant workers are being harassed by border authorities or aren't coming in large numbers to work for you any more, it might be time to talk to an immigration lawyer. They can help you to better understand the rights that you have and the rights that your migrant workers have when coming to your country to work.

They can even sit down with a representative for these workers and discuss their rights and let them know how they can do everything in a careful and legal way. While the full extent of these regulations isn't yet known, your lawyer can help you adapt to them when they are implemented.

So protect your farm and your right to make money by talking to an immigration attorney right away, such as at The Ortiz Law Firm. By understanding more about your rights and working within the law, you can ensure that you get the migrant workers you need to stay financially afloat.


30 July 2018

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